January 3

Book: Amazing Photography


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Book: Amazing Photography

Photography can literally improve your life if you know how to take full advantage of it. The stories and practical “how-to” guides in this book will help you discover the photographer’s mindset and bring its hidden benefits into your life. You’ll be inspired by the personal stories and experiences of photographers like you around the globe. Learn how to use this new mindset to maximize the positive impact of photography on your life.

180 pages with so much good stuff:

  • More than 100 breath-taking photos by professional and hobby photographers
  • 13 personal stories from pro’s and hobbyists such as Albert Dros (pro-photographer), Laura Vink (pro-photographer), Andre Kuipers (astronaut and photographer), Ori Guttin (co-founder Viewbug) and Evgeny Tchebotarev (co-founder 500px)
  • 4 practical photo guides to help you enjoy your photos to the max
  • 7 DIY quick fixes for unexpected photography situations
  • World Top 15 under-the-radar spots for stunning photo shots
  • Would you rather….? A hypothetical photography game for friends
  • The science behind how your photos can affect your happiness and wellbeing.

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