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Photography can literally improve your life, if you know how to take full advantage of it. The stories and practical "how-to" guides in this book will help you discover the photographer’s mindset and bring its hidden benefits into your life. You'll be inspired by the personal stories and experiences of photographers like you around the globe. Learn how to use this new mindset to maximize the positive impact of photography on your life.

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Amazing Photography:
Real Stories to Inspire Us All

180 pages with so much good stuff:

  • More than 100 breath-taking photos by professional and hobby photographers
  • 13 personal stories from pro’s and hobbyists such as Albert Dros (pro-photographer), Laura Vink (pro-photographer), Andre Kuipers (astronaut and photographer), Ori Guttin (co-founder Viewbug) and Evgeny Tchebotarev (co-founder 500px)
  • 4 practical photo guides to help you enjoy your photos to the max
  • 7 DIY quick fixes for unexpected photography situations
  • World Top 15 under-the-radar spots for stunning photo shots
  • Would you rather….? A hypothetical photography game for friends
  • The science behind how your photos can affect your happiness and wellbeing.

Discover the "Photographer’s Mindset" and the Photo Happiness It Brings

Photography can literally improve your life, if you know how to take full advantage of it. That’s what discovering the photographer’s mindset will help you do. 

Learn photography secrets and how you can bring them in your life withAmazing Photography: Real Stories to Inspire Us All. 

Be inspired by the intimate, uncensored stories of professional photographers and hobbyists around the globe. Learn how they take their photos to the next level. Go behind the scenes of some of their most special photography experiences and hear first-hand their thoughts and feelings about why photography matters.

Photography makes our lives richer and it’s not only because we love to take photos. We want to hold onto the moments we photograph and enjoy them over and over.  

Use the book’s four practical guides to help you bring the power of photography into your everyday life.

Created by passionate hobby photographers and co-founders of an award-winning photography start-up called Xpozer, this book will change how you experience photography. 


What Kind of Book is Amazing Photography

This book isn't like most photography books. It's not a technical book full of editing or composition tips. It's about real people who love photography and learning from each other. It's an inspirational book will help you to personally the most out of photography and your photos.  

  • Amazing Photography helps you uncover the new photographer’s mindset.
  • Amazing Photography helps you find inspiration to get the most out of your photography. 
  • Amazing Photography helps you use photography to lead a happier life.
  • Amazing Photography helps you to enjoy your photos more.
  • Amazing Photography motivates you to engage more creatively with photography.

Be Inspired by Professional and Hobby Photographers Around The World

Millions of people around the world share a passion for photography. Why is that? In Amazing Photography you’ll find a diverse collection of stories from pro’s and hobbyists that share what photography means to them. They use it to cross borders, to learn new skills, to explore and to find peace. Through their stories you, too, will learn how to get the most out of your photography.

Take A Look Under The Cover...

Real stories, stunning photos, practical "how-to" guides. Here's a sneak preview from inside the book! 

Impossible Shot

Read pro-photographer Albert Dros’ inspiring story about how he captured a fantastic close up of an erupting volcano….with the Milky Way in the background!

He achieved this almost impossible shot with careful planning, knowledge and a healthy dose of luck.Be inspired and learn how you can also shoot those seemingly impossible shots!

Gustav Kiburg
Hunting with Your Camera 

Professional photographer Gustav Kiburg has been hunting with his camera for years, bringing home breathtaking photos as trophies. After all that effort, how does he do it and how does it feel when a shot is successful?

Read his story and learn how an animal’s behavior can influence your photography and lead to something truly beautiful.

Sietske Tol
My Photos are My Souvenirs

Sietske Tol is a passionate hobby photographer that travels around the globe, capturing her experiences with unique photos.

Read how photography motivates Sietske to push boundaries, face her fears and enjoy every photo - and the experiences behind them - even more!

Photography from Outer Space

Andre Kuipers is a Dutch astronaut with the European Space Agency who has experienced the world as very few others ever can. He uses his photography to draw attention to the needs of our planet.

Read how Andre saw and photographed our changing earth - and how he chose his next vacation destination from outer space.

The End of the World is Right in Front of You

Laura Vink combines her passion for travel and photography when visiting the most fantastic locations. Laura will take you to a few of her favorite destinations and share exactly why they’ve stolen her heart. She’ll also surprise you with her belief that you don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to make great photos…the opportunity for your perfect photo may be waiting in your own backyard.

Practical “How-To" Guides Help You 
Get the Most Out of Your Photography

With the book’s four practical guides you’ll learn to enjoy your photography even more and

how to bring these adventures into your everyday life.

Guide: How to Enjoy Your Photos Every Day

With our cameras we are adventurers, hunters, learners. We try new things and capture our own unique view of the world. To enjoy these moments to their fullest, it’s essential for them to be part of our everyday lives. Our homes are the perfect place to share our photos, but how do you decide where to hang them and how big they should be for maximum impact? The book gives you all the answers!

Guide: How Photo Resolution and Viewing Distance Work Together

When you look at a photo, have you ever seriously thought about the distance between yourself and the photo? Depending on the photo’s size, there’s a distance that feels naturally comfortable and that distance can influence the resolution that is needed.  We’ll explain exactly how this works so you’re certain to have the right number of pixels for your prints.

Plus Tons of Fun Extras!

Photography is fun and we want to keep it that way! With DIY solutions, a photography dilemma game, and the top 15 under-the radar spots, there’s so much fun to be had…

7 DIY Photography Quick Fixes

As photographers, we’re good at planning ahead and thinking on our feet. But it can happen that we don’t have everything we need on hand to get the shot we want at that moment.

With these 7 DIY quick fixes you’ll be ready to shoot amazing photos even if a few unexpected surprises roll your way.

Would you rather…?

A photography game for you and your fellow-photographers. Decide what you would choose in each crazy, hypothetical situation. 

With each“Would you rather….?” answer you’ll discover even more about what pushes your photography button.

Top 15 Under-the-Radar Spots

As photographers, we recognize beauty like no other and want to capture the most stunning places on earth, preferably without a group of tourists in your shots.

To make this mission a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of our favorite under-the-radar spots.

Who Are we?

We created this book: Clemens van Os and Ivan van der Veld. We’re passionate photographers and lucky to have have turned our hobby into our work. From experience we understand how much work and effort goes into each photo and how great it is when you can fully enjoy all your awesome photos. That’s why we started the award-winning Dutch photography start-up Xpozer: to offer other photographers an innovative photo display system that makes it easy to hang your newest and best photos as they deserve to be seen, large and on the wall. 

Our photos show who we are and what is important to us. And they enrich our lives in sometimes unexpected ways. This book, with its rich stories and practical guides, will help you take your photography to the next level and use it to make life even sweeter.

Important Lessons in Amazing Photography

Ori Guttin

“Somehow when I see beauty through my camera lens, I experience it more completely.”

The personal stories in Amazing Photography describe how to hold on to your experiences, how to find photo inspiration in daily life and how to more fully enjoy your photos.

Sietske Tol

“Photography is like meditating.”

In Amazing Photography we explore how photography affects us individually, for some helping to overcome fears, for others to achieve new successes or push boundaries. Find inspiration in the familiar and yet unique stories of fellow photographers.

Gustav Kiburg

“The animal doesn’t know it, but she influences everything about my trip.”

Amazing Photography offers tips about how to predict animal behavior, helping you prep for amazing wildlife shots and even guide the animal to where you’d like to shoot it. Read about how to take these lessons and apply them to your own photography. 

I also want to get the most out of my photography!

Evgeny Tchebotarev

“Printing your photos makes them significant.”

As a photographer, you want relieve the feeling you had when you made the photo, sometimes even every day. In Amazing Photography pros and hobbyists explain how they hold onto these moments and enjoy them every day.

Clemens van Os

“Although some photographs are technically perfect, that doesn’t mean that they touch me.”

Amazing Photography isn’t full of highly-technical how-to’s. It’s full of real stories that describe the power of a photo’s feeling and help you bring this power into your own shots.

Roy Krabbe

“It’s as if the photos that I hang infect others.”

Photography is a social hobby that is shared by millions of people around the globe. It’s a strong community with a communal passion: photography. In Amazing Photography you’ll read stories of photography leading to life-long friendships and how these relationships push us to become even better photographers. 


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132 amazing photos from 44 countries and 7 continents


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